Services & Fees

Client-Centered Services


Hiring a lawyer can be intimidating, but I don’t think it should be.  My services are structured to provide information and options that make sense to you, and that fit your needs and expectations. 

First, you have three options to get started on a legal matter: no-cost introduction, reduced-rate initial meeting, or a flat-rate legal consult. Second, as a client you’ll have complete control of your own legal matter, which starts with transparent fees and online appointment scheduling and continues with clear and consistent communication.  And finally, even after your matter is resolved, Good Faith Legal is here for you: with free notary services, representation on future matters, or trusted referrals for issues that fall outside my practice areas. 

In addition to the services described below, Good Faith Legal is honored to be the founder of the Jeremy A. Poll Cancer Families Will Clinic, which provides free estate planning services for families facing a recent cancer diagnosis.  Visit or the link at the top of this page for more information for clients and volunteers.

Getting Started


Introduction (no charge)

Come talk with me for half an hour to see if you like how I do things or if I have the right resources to assist you.  I’m also happy to hear you out and answer that burning question: “Do I even need a lawyer?”

New Matter Meeting ($185)

Meet with me for one hour to review and discuss your legal matter, answer your questions, and decide on a strategy for representation.  Payment for the new matter meeting is due at the time of service.  After this reduced-rate first meeting, we’ll continue on either an hourly or flat-fee basis:

Hourly Rate ($285): For ongoing services, such as drafting or reviewing documents for final plat approval, setting up a business, or negotiating a contract, I will bill my time at my regular hourly rate and invoice you on a monthly basis.  Depending upon the scope of my representation, I may require an advance fee deposit (sometimes called a “retainer”), which is placed in a designated bank account and then debited each month and reflected on your invoice.

Flat-Fee Basis (varies): A flat-fee basis is used for estate planning packages or business services as indicated in the Fee List below.  The cost of the new matter meeting is included in each package, and your prepayment will be deducted from your final invoice.  Full payment for estate planning packages is due at the outset of representation.  Payment for flat-fee business services is invoiced monthly.

Unbundled Legal Services Consult ($510)

Sometimes you don’t want to “hire” a lawyer, you just want to go see a lawyer for a limited purpose, like you would a doctor or dentist.  We refer to this as providing “unbundled legal services,” where an attorney and client agree that the attorney will help with a limited scope of an issue, but the client retains control and responsibility for the matter.  Some examples of unbundled legal services include:

City permitting: attorney reviews the city code and provides the client guidance on what is allowed or required, but does not represent the client throughout the process of obtaining the desired permit;

Code enforcement: attorney reviews the facts of a case and advises the client regarding the client’s rights and obligations, but does not advocate for or otherwise represent the client in resolving the matter with the city;

Pro se coaching: attorney guides the client through the process of representing himself in a court case, answers questions, assists with preparation and filing of forms, and helps the client find additional resources;

Contracts: attorney reviews a contract and discusses certain terms or legal impacts with the client, but is not involved in the negotiation or enforcement of the contract;

Small business: attorney provides guidance on steps for formation and state and local requirements, but does not assist in preparing paperwork or tracking the progress of the formation process.

For matters such as these, I offer a unique service called an Unbundled Legal Services (ULS) Consult.  When you book a ULS Consult, you’ll be invited to upload relevant documents and information regarding your matter.  Prior to our meeting, I will spend one hour reviewing relevant facts and laws based on the information you provided.  We will then meet to review the matter together and discuss my analysis and your questions.  The ULS Consult is billed at a flat fee of $510, which includes both my preparation time and our meeting time.  Payment for the ULS Consult is due at the time of service.

Ongoing Services


Notary Services (No charge)

Folks, now you have a friend in the notary business.  I’m pleased to offer notarization of original documents, witness signatures, verification of oath or affirmation, and certified copies at any time.  There is no “per signature” cost, just bring what and who you need and I am happy to assist.  It’s best to book an appointment to ensure I’m not in another meeting, but drop-ins are always welcome.  Visit the Appointments FAQs for more information on how to schedule a notary appointment and what to expect.

Registered Agent Services ($18 per month)

A registered agent is a responsible third-party (often a lawyer or law office) who is registered in the same state as your business, and who is designated to accept service of process (lawsuits) and government correspondence on behalf of your company.  As your registered agent, Good Faith Legal also tracks reporting deadlines, maintains corporate records for your business, and provides free notary services for you and for your employees and customers.  See the Home Occupation & Small Business page for more information.

Registered agent services are provided on a flat-fee basis, billed monthly.  There is no commitment, and you may cancel at any time.  I offer a 25% discount for the first six months for new businesses, and a 50% discount for the first six months for businesses formed with my assistance.  Clients interested in registered agent services should schedule a No-Cost Introduction, and bring basic corporate documents and information to that meeting.

Corporate Counsel Plans (negotiated)

There are many aspects of your business that require (or may benefit from) legal advisement, including formation, compliance, contracts, employees, and risk management.  As a small business owner myself, and with years of prior in-house legal experience, I offer affordable corporate counsel plans that are customized to suit your business needs and your work style.

Typically, corporate counsel plans are structured at a flat-fee monthly rate, and include email and phone communication, a fixed amount of in-office (or on-site) meeting time, and a designated number of billable hours.  All corporate counsel plans also include registered agent services, as well as free notary services for you and for your employees and customers.  Clients interested in learning more about a custom corporate counsel plan should schedule a New Matter Meeting, after which I will send you a proposal with plan details and pricing.  When you choose to sign up for a corporate counsel plan, your payment for the New Matter Meeting will be credited toward your first monthly invoice.

Fee List


Attorney Hourly Rate   $285/hr
No-Cost Introduction Half-hour introductory meeting No charge
New Matter Meeting One-hour initial meeting to consult about your legal issue $185
Client Conference Half-hour or one-hour meeting to discuss an ongoing matter $285/hr
ULS Consult One hour attorney prep time and 50-minute consultation for a limited-scope legal matter $510
Notary Services No limit to number of signatures each instance No charge
Registered Agent Services State-registered agent, report tracking, and mail forwarding $18/mo
Corporate Counsel Plans Customized flat-fee service billed monthly Negotiated
Estate Planning Packages
Estate Document Review Review of existing documents and half-hour consultation to discuss $310
Basic Estate Plan    
     Individual: Up to one hour initial meeting; preparation of Will(s), General Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directive, and HIPAA Authorization; execution ceremony** and final portfolio $670
     Couple: $930
Basic Will    
     Individual: Up to one hour initial meeting; preparation of Will(s); execution ceremony** $480
     Couple: $620
Codicil Half-hour initial meeting; preparation of Codicil; execution ceremony** $450
General Durable Power of Attorney Half-hour initial meeting; preparation of General DPA; notarized execution $310
Healthcare Durable Power of Attorney
with Directive
Half-hour initial meeting; preparation of Healthcare DPA and Directive; execution ceremony** $370
Healthcare Directive Only Half-hour initial meeting; preparation of Healthcare Directive; execution ceremony** $270
Trusts Review, revise, or draft a Trust $285/hr

* Fifty percent of the Estate Document Review fee will be credited toward your purchase of any estate planning package.

** Execution ceremony at my office includes notarization and attendance of two witnesses.  Alternatively, I can travel to your home (within 15 mile radius at no extra charge), where you will provide two witnesses who are not named as beneficiaries under your Will. 

Use the Appointments page to schedule a meeting at your convenience.


‘‘Thank you for the guidance, support and patience, and most of all your boundless enthusiasm.’’

– Chris C.
Everett, WA

‘‘Amy not only knows the law, she explains it well and puts clients at ease.’’

– Carmen G.
Seattle, WA

‘‘So appreciate your great attitude, work ethic, and personality—thanks for your awesome help on every project you touch.’’

– Dave S.
North Bend, WA

‘‘Amy was fantastic, helpful and professional.  Thanks for making this a smooth and pleasant experience for us.’’

– Kevin M.
Bothell, WA

‘‘You are truly a credit to your profession, if only working with all lawyers could be like working with you.  Thank you for the outstanding attention to detail and professionalism.’’

– Rachelle M.
Seattle, WA